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Hello :)


I'm Mistress Vamp, known through the Buffy/Harry fandoms as such. I have been writing fanfiction since the late 1990's and just recently returned from a 4yr hiatus due to personal reasons. I am avid reader and fan of slash in both fandoms, but aim towards Angelus/Spike or Spike/Xander in the Buffy 'verse and Severus/Harry in the Harry Potter 'verse.

I post a lot about real life drama as I have a lot of it due to emotional instability. I took care of my father for eight years, especially the last four months of his life. After his passing in July 2009, my family said I had a nervous breakdown and basically went crazy. They were right. I was diagnosed with very mild PTSD and MDD. I am not one of these people that get along well with others, especially in crowds. The world intimidates me, and I can't trust people in fear of getting hurt. I don't act well to emotional trauma.

With that said...LOL

If you wish to add me, feel free. My journal will be Friends Only, but that's only because of the personal nature of everything.